MIT World Peace University, Pune

Round 1 Final Submission Date - 4th March, 2020

PS Number Heading Description Category
HMWUS_001 Project guidance and collabaration platform Develop a Platform for peer to peer/faculty guidance and collabaration for project development. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_002 Campus Navigation Create a intra campus navigation system for freshers and new comers. (Expand the problem statement as per your needs) University PS
HMWUS_003 Smartboard Apps Create innovative smartboard apps which will help in creating a better learning experience for students. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_004 Campus Parking System Smart parking system for campus. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_005 Chatbot on, for student support purpose Create a chatbox on for students to have easy access to faculties and other services. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_006 System for finding room Availability wihin the campus for college activites Develop a system to keep track of available spaces/rooms for student or college clubs to collaborate on various activities and projects. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_007 Campus Events Calender and Event Notifier system University contains many clubs and student chapters with everyone having their own events. A common interface is therefore required to plan events without having timimg clashes with each other and also advertises them to the students. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_008 Reduction of Plastic in Campus Come up with an innovative solution to minimize the use of plastic and to use current plastic waste to our advantage. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_009 Water mangement and recyling on campus Design an innovative solution for efficient use of water in our campus. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_010 Canteen Connectivity Develop a platform which displays all different meal options provided and updated by all the food providing messes and canteens in and around the campus. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_011 Smart Energy Saver Design a solution that smartly monitors the energy consumption of electronic devices (like lights,fan,computers,etc) for the campus and determines if a room or lab is not being used , switching off the devices in that room and later switching the bare minimum required devices ON if presence of someone is detected. University PS
HMWUS_012 Waste segregation machine Design a hardware based system that detects garbage and classifies it into recyclable and non recyclable materials and segregates them without human intervention.(Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_013 Cyber Crime/Bullying Bullies have been around since forever, but technology provides them a whole new platform altogether. Develop a system which controls cyber bullying. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_014 Stress/depression detection in Students Stress, depression, and anxiety are major problems faced by students during college life. Depression can affect a student's ability to work, study, interact with peers, or take care of themselves. Can we recognize the signs of depression through technology? (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS
HMWUS_015 Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Traffic accidents are many a times the fault of the driver and have cost a lot of lives. Design an automated system that strives to eliminate human error and take over the car in emergency situations. (Expand the problem statement as per your need) University PS

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PS Number Description Category
HMWXP_001 Selective Blocking on mobile - In general, many mobile users wish to have a feature on their mobile to set a time slot to allow only a group of people to allow call and answer their calls ('Do Not Disturb' tone for other users) Company PS
HMWXP_002 Ambulance detection trhough GPS at Road Signals and then diverting the traffic accordingly Company PS
HMWXP_003 IoT smart parking system (use smartphone or raspberry pi plus camera) Company PS
HMWXP_004 Improve employee experience through digital technology Company PS

TERRE Policy Centre

Opportunities provided:

  • Internship under Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) project of TERRE Policy Centre to the participants of HackMITWPU.
  • Seminar on case studies and research papers and the digital solutions for social challenges.
  • Opportunities to submit blogs, articles, videos or any environment, climate change and sustainability related ideas to be featured on
    SCCN Website.

PS Number Description Category
HMWTR_001 Develop an integrated cloud dashboard for monitoring home consumption of energy and water. Company PS
HMWTR_002 Real time carbon footprint and water footprint calculator for home. Company PS
HMWTR_003 Robot for cleaning the solar panels over the roof Company PS
HMWTR_004 Ways to increase the battery life of E-Vehicles Company PS

IBM Problem Statements

PS Number Description Category
HMWIBM_001 Climate Change - Build & deploy solutions to help halt & reverse the impact of Climate Change. Company PS
HMWIBM_002 Water sustainability - Technology can address Water quantity, Water quality through data science and opensource platforms to help at personal and global scale. Company PS
HMWIBM_003 Energy sustainability - Technologies such as AI, IoT can leverage data to pinpoint & reduce energy consumption Company PS
HMWIBM_004 Disaster Resiliency - Technology can help us Reduce toxic exposure, Improve preparedness by developing hardware and software solutions with machine learning capabilities Company PS


PS Number Description Category
HMWEL_001 Building a Search Engine using App Search Company PS


PS Number Description Category
HMWINC_001 Seamless Mobility Challenge - Map Solution. Create an app or a platform to help people in mobility.
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Company PS

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PS Number Heading Description Category
HMWPIS_001 Blood Bank Management System Develop a system to connect Blood Banks with donors and receiver so as to ensure faster treatment of patients. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_002 Herbal-Tissue permeability Develop a model to predict Herbal-Tissue permeability. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_003 Prescription plan for Neutraceuticals Develop an application to track the intake of neutrients and vitamins of a human being and generate a prescription plan for neutraceuticals which they might require. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_004 Innovative sustainable soil remedial methods An innovative sustainable soil remedial methods are to be developed to maintain/improve the condition of soil. Plant nutrients and nutrients in soil can also be detected. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_005 Heart Monitoring System Develop a system to monitor the functioning of heart and predict failures. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_006 PharmaControl Develop a sustainable review system for pharmaceutical industries. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_007 Application to help special-needs chilren Develop an application to provide a set of tasks for children with special needs which will be assigned to them to perform on regular intervals and generate a progress report of the child. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_008 Medical Informative Application Develop an application to provide general purpose information related to pharmacy like diseases, their symptoms, first aid, insurance policies etc. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_009 Online Marketplace for Pharmacy Develop an online platform to allow companies and vendors to connect with public who wish to buy, compare or return drugs or other medicinal products. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_010 Medicine Identification System Develop a robust identification system for medicines such that the medicine, its contents and other relevant information can be identified even after their packaging is worn out. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_011 Product tracking from market Develop a robust method for tracking products into market. Pharma Industry PS
HMWPIS_SI Student Innovation Can't find a suitable problem statement? Submit your problem statement as well as the solution! Pharma Industry PS
PS Number Heading Description Category
HMWPRS_001 Antibiotic Resistance Develop a new and alternative approach to tackle antibiotic resistance. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_002 Treatment for Tobacco Addiction Develop alternative products to control Tobacco addiction without the harmful effects of Tobacco products. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_003 Protective Clothing Design new clothing which can protect a person while handling chemicals. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_004 Controlling the solubility of Silver Design a reliable method is to be developed to control the solubility of Silver. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_005 Novel system to prepare soft paper from bacteria Develop a novel system to prepare soft paper from Bacteria. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_006 Developing a system to dissociate CO2 Design a system/process is to be developed to dissociate Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_007 Method to mix highly viscous materials Design a methodic procedure is to be developed to mix highly viscous materials. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_008 Technology to prepare petrol from plastic Develop sustainable model is to be developed to convert plastic to petrol. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_009 Drug Packaging Many Pharmaceutical products are required to be stored in specific condition at specific temperature. Develop innovative sustainable packaging solution for drugs. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_010 Alternative to chemicals in sunscreen Chemicals present in sunsreen cause damage to aquatic life which is why they are banned in some countries. Develop alternatives to those chemicals which can provide similar benifits for the skin but avoid damange to environment. Pharma Research PS
HMWPRS_SI Student Innovation Can't find a suitable problem statement? Submit your problem statement as well as the solution! Pharma Research PS


  • Round 1 of team selection will be done on the basis of the registration form, and presentation and/or video submitted (as applicable). All teams will be given equal preference during selection.
  • The decision of organizers and/or judging panel is final for selecting the teams for Round 2 (Hack Day - 14th March).
  • You must be work at your allotted location at the venue to work on your idea/solution on Hack Day.
  • You're expected to work towards your final idea/solution, as soon as Round 1 results are announced.
  • You're not allowed to steal another team's materials, files, software, equipment etc. Incidents may be reported to
  • You will not be allowed to discuss strategy, suggestions or tips with other teams.
  • The decision of judges is final for determining prizes and awards.
  • Please comply with all instructions from HackMITWPU organizers.
  • Detailed rulebook can be found below:

FAQ / Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers

HackMITWPU will be held at MIT World Peace University,Pune supported by major companies and backed by a strong network of students and faculty members.

The maximum team size is six and minimum is four.

This is a student hackathon and only students of MIT's Kothrud campus are allowed to participate.

For Round 1 of HackMITWPU, teams will be evaluated based on their presentation and video submissions (wherever applicable), which they will be submitting from Mar 4 - 8. Judging parameters will be released soon.

Of course you can! At HackMITWPU, we ensure that no one is left behind during the hacking, thanks to our mentors and volunteers who help us achieve the same. We make sure that you learn the best you can alongside having fun and experiencing what it feels to belong to a student innovation community.

Please bring your valid university ID, a computer (preferably a laptop), chargers, and any hardware you will use for your hack. Please bring your own extensions although we'll have them available on the premises too. No firearms, weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are allowed on MIT-WPU campus.

You're free to bring your own broadband/hotspot device to enjoy a seamless hacking experience, however we will provide internet to all participants on the premises too.

Participants(students) will not be granted travel reimbursements for HackMITWPU.

It is recommended that you start working as soon as possible, the first round of evaluation will judge your project based on what you have done in this duration

Drop us a mail and we would be more than happy to answer your queries. Also feel free to write if you'd like to volunteer for the event!